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Hybrid Alarm System Callisto CPX230NWB
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Callisto CPX230NWB

Hybrid Alarm System Callisto with free GPRS server

The Callisto CPX230NWB control panel is a device that meets the basic requirements for the protection of small and medium-sizes facilities. Some of its main advantages are: simple functionality and service, as well as fast installation. It includes a small and modern keypad and it provides up to 32 zones (7 wired and up to 32 wireless) which are possible to be separated into different two partitions, making CPX230NWB one of the most reliable and efficient solution on the market.

Callisto alarm kit can also support up to 3 keyboards and 32 remote controls. In addition, it has a built-in GSM power outrage alarm service, which notifies you on your mobile phone, when an unexpected interruption occurs. This way, you can avoid unpleasant incidents such as food spoiling in your refrigerator, etc.

In case of power outrage, Callisto continues its operation, due to the ability of a backup battery integration.

Callisto is an ideal solution for:

  • Offices

  • Service points where there are backdoors

  • Single-family houses when you need to secure more than one door, e.g. balcony doors,garages

With the use of wireless, dedicated detectors you do not need to use cables. You can easily install the detectors anywhere you want.

Callisto CPX230NWB system can be operated via a 4-button remote control and their functionality can be configured independently. Remote arming/ disarming is confirmed every time by a buzzer.


Small and medium-sized facilities, such as offices, commercial premises, houses, small industrial buildings, garages and holiday houses.

Callisto CPX230NWB system includes:

  • control panel in an ABS box with a power transformer

  • 32-zone keypad

  • Two wireless motion detectors PIR-10

  • The MC-10 wireless magnetic contact which allows detection of opening doors/ windows

  • Two remote controls RC-10

The system gives you warranty of:

  • Reliable data transmission (GPRS, SMS Mobile Application) in 4 sec totally free and simultaneous notification of status change to all users

  • Auxiliary SMS communication

  • Real-time zone display (open/ closed/ bypass)

  • Electromagnetic lock or pin support

  • AES encryption

  • Fast and easy customization in Windows environment

  • Comfortable and same arming/disarming of the system and programming of two additional buttons on the remote control for any function- accepts up to 32 remote controls

  • Ability to convert all zones into fire detection zones with two-wire fire detectors

  • Set up the remote control as a red button for paging  by the elderly or people with disabilities in just 4 seconds

  • Zero input/output time due to remote control and application

  • Remote control of heating or lighting (smart home)

  • Capable of operating in places that do not have a 220V connection


Product information

Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 9 (cm)

Weight: 2,300 (kg)


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