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A decoder or receiver is an electronic device that is connected to your antenna and television so that you can see satellite or terrestrial signal. The decoder receives the terrestrial / digital or satellite signal from the antenna of your home and after decoding it sends it to your TV , so you can enjoy all your favorite terrestrial / digital or satellite channels.

Thus, the receivers/ decoders are divided into:

  • terrestrial / digital receivers

  • satellite receivers

  • combo receivers

In TolisStores in Thessaloniki will find an enormous variety of Edision decoders, always at the best prices and with 5 years warranty!


A great variety of combo receivers and all with 5 year warranty!!!
A great variety of terrestrial receivers and all with 5 year warranty
The satellite receivers Edision guarantee you flawless satellite signal combined with friendly, user, menu and always with a 5 year warranty!

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