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The Stringing Gun EZ15


Το Stringing Gun EZ15 είναι ειδικά σχεδιασμένο για να τοποθετήσει το νήμα σε μικρο-αγωγούς Φ 4-20 mm (εσωτερική διάμετρος) για μικρές αποστάσεις (έως 500 μέτρα).

Σε μόλις 30 δευτερόλεπτα, το νήμα έχει εκτοξευθεί σε απόσταση 500 μέτρων.      





  • To blow special pull line into micro-ducts

    (internal diameter from 4 to 20 mm)

  • For fiber optics technology

  • Installations in the range of private houses, office and industrial buildings

  • Ideal for short distances e.g. junction box to home

EZ15 Stringing Gun


EZ15 Complete set


  • Easy to handle 

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Ready for use in seconds

  • For use with a standard commercial compressor 200-300l/min

    (not included in scope of delivery)

  • Fast feeding (500 m in 20 s)

  • Excellent accessibility, even in confined spaces

  • Equiped with safety valves and overpressure protection

  • Fits in any car boot


Εφαρμογή (Σύντομος Οδηγός)

  1. Choose tube coupling according to duct diameter

  2. Connect micro-duct to chosen tube coupling

  3. Thread special pull line into micro-duct

  4. Connect tube coupling to EZ15

  5. Switch on compressor

  6. Connect pneumatic hose to EZ15

  7. Observe uncoiling of pull line in cylinder

  8. Pull line leaves micro-duct

  9. Uncouple pneumatic hose from EZ15

  10. Uncouple tube coupling from micro-duct

  11. Cut off special pull line

  12. Link cable to pull line



Standard equipment in strong plastic case


  • 1 x Stringing Gun EZ15

  • 1 x tube coupling for each outer diameter 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm (other dimensions on request)

  • 1 x compressed air hose (3 m length)

  • 1 x universal hose Attachement (base + multi nozzle for internal diameter 13 - 20 mm) 

  • 1 x T-fitting

  • 1 x box with spare parts and scissors

  • 4 x special pull line rolls ( Ø 1 mm, tensile strength approx. 24 kg, roll approx. 900 m)





                     line stopper                         hose for compressed air

         Compressor                                   Line Stopper                     Hose for compressed air (3m)



    line                                        lubriball                                   bluegliss        

Special pull line tensile                Lubriball (10 pieces/package)                    Blue gliss 125ml
strength 24 kg pulling                    Cleaning and lubricating ball                  Special lubricant to help
 box of 10 rolls                                 for microducts Ø 7-12 mm                      the fiber optics cable                                                                                                                                     through the  micro-duct


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