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Zeitler Stringing Gun EZ100

Το Stringing Gun EZ100 έχει αναπτυχθεί ειδικά για την κατασκευή του δικτύου, όπως έργα πολιτικού μηχανικού, εργασίες εδάφους, δρόμοι, σήραγγες, γέφυρες, κ.λπ.

Είναι κατάλληλο για αγωγούς καλωδίων από  50 έως 150 mm (εσωτερική διάμετρος).

Το νήμα μπορεί να εκτοξευθεί  ή να αναρρωφηθεί. Νερό, μικρά υπολείμματα και ακαθαρσίες  αποβάλλονται με ένα φύσημα.



EZ100 Stringing Gun

  • Blow or suck pull line (tensile strength up to 300 kg) without compressor

  • For all commercial pipe work (internal diameter from 50 to 150 mm)

  • With special equipment also for small diameters from 25 mm

  • For all network construction such as civil engineering, ground work, roads, tunnels, bridges

  • For lengths of 1000 m and more (current record 2’850 m)

  • Huge time saving in cable feeding

  • Cleaning, taking water out, calibrating and line feeding in one step


EZ100 Complete set

  • Lightweight and compact 

  • Excellent accessibility, even in confined spaces

  • Easy to handle   

  • Double function (blowing and suction mode)

  • Suitable in any car boot

  • Perfect value for money

Εφαρμογή (Σύντομος Οδηγός)

  1. Conduit ends must be clean and cut off evenly

  2. Firstly, blow air trough the conduit without shuttle, check if penetrable tube/correct tube

  3. Assemble shuttle correspending exactly to the Ø int. of tube

  4. Insert pull line through pull line supply and knot it tightly to the shuttle

  5. Place shuttle in the conduit and press EZ100 to the conduit, the front being movable for 360°

  6. Blow shuttle troug without interrupting

  7. Attach either cable/s or extra strong pull line and start pulling


Standard equipment in strong plastic case



Complete Kit
(230V/50Hz article n° 100045)
(115V/60Hz article n° 100046)

  • 1 x Stringing Gun EZ100 

  • 2 x special pull line rolls (Ø 1 mm, tensile strength approx 24 kg, roll of approx 900 m) 

  • 1 x suction unit

  • 5 x small cases with equipment to fix 2 shuttles of each dimension (free selection of 5 diameters)

  • 1 x box with assembly material for shuttles 

  • 1 x Operating instructions



special pull line tensile
strength 24 Kg
box of 10 rolls
(article n° 100132)

Shuttle complete set

(for tube dimension internal

ø 20mm,22,24,.....150mm)


Διαστάσεις Προϊόντος

Βάρος: 8,500 kg


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