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Magnetic Contact FGK-101

Magnetic Contact FGK-101

 Magnetic Contact



The magnetic contact FGK-101 by Fibaro, using the Z-wave protocol guarantees full compatibility with the intelligent system Fibaro! The potential of the magnetic contact FGK-101 is not limited to monitoring the opening of doors and windows. it is used for automatic lighting control in access control and alarm systems.

The magnetic contact FGK-101 by Fibaro can be used with a temperature sensor as well, which can be incorporated into the device. So, it can control a window or a door opening and closing in your home. An open window can protect your home or a specific room by a sudden rise of temperature. So, there is no need to spend money any more on any high bills from unnecessary opening of the air conditioning!

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When the magnetic contact FGK-101 is positioned at the main entrance of your home, the lights can be switched on automatically when you open the door or can start a scenario with functions of the Fibaro system that you have planned! The magnetic contact can be used by the Home Center 2 to control other parts of the system, if it is connected to a simple wall switch...

The scenarios....

The magnetic contact Fibaro has the following unique feature: It can automatically activate scenarios planned in advance from you. This can be achieved simply by connecting any light switch or any probe (eg. the motion detector) in magnetic contact to activate a programmed scenario.

Because design matters, FGK-101 is the smallest magnetic contact on the market and is an extremely compact device. It is very light and thin, which makes it virtually unnoticed in any window or door that it is applied. So there is a variety of colors that you can choose based on your room.

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